Primary Midwife

Crystal is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), licensed in the State of Arizona (LM) since 2014 to provide prenatal, birth, and postpartum care for families who chose to birth at home. Crystal focuses on fully involving the clients in all aspects of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery. She utilizes evidence-informed practices while providing considerate, individualized care. She respects her client’s choices and acknowledges that every pregnancy and birth are unique.


Back-up Midwife

Christy incorporates all her trainings to provide healthy and holistic care to her clients. She honors that all of the families she serves come from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. She provides informed care and respects each family’s autonomy in decision making. 

Christy Clayton

Ashley Denton, Apprentice Midwife 

Ashley's mission is to provide evidence-based education, holistic support, and comprehensive resources for moms and babies. She is a passionate educator and an award-winning entrepreneur with a creative soul and background in cultural and critical theory. Her interdisciplinary study in cultural and critical theory set the groundwork for building a love for childbirth, education and advocacy. 

Malaura Ruizesparza, Apprentice Midwife

Malaura believes that her hands, knowledge, and empathy are the most important things she brings to a birth. She also strongly believes in consent and feels that being fully informed is essential to a positive birth experience. She works extensively with her clients to ensure they feel confident about the choices they make during their pregnancy and birth.

Ashley Apprentice Midwife