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Student Midwife

Lora has been in the birth world since 2015. It all started with the preparation for the birth of her first son. She wanted an unmedicated birth and was encouraged to take a childbirth class by her midwives. She and her husband did just that and after the birth of their son, Lora knew she wanted to pass along the knowledge she had gained to other birthing families. Lora fell naturally into the education side of birth as she has a background in elementary education.


After teaching for a few years and going on to have a second son at home she knew she wanted to be more involved in the birth process. She went on to become an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Spinning Babies® Parent Educator, and a Certified Doula. After being given the opportunity to become a birth assistant with a local home birth practice Lora knew midwifery was the path she was meant to take. 


Lora is currently enrolled in a midwifery program through The Matrona and is working on completing her clinical experience and requirements for PEP through the North American Registry of Midwife to become a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife (CPM, LM).

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