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Protecting your perineum (from the inside out)


Protein Calculator - Shoot for 80 grams per day


Increasing Iron in Your Diet During Pregnancy


Brewer Diet Checklist


10 (Surprising!) Prenatal Power Foods


Pregnant? Please don’t forget your Omega-3s.


8 Surprising Benefits Of Dates During Pregnancy


Printable wallet-size "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean 15" Lists


50 Pregnancy Meal Ideas

A Water Jug


How To Make A Labor-Aid Electrolyte Drink  
I highly recommend you add this electrolyte drink to your daily diet. The following recipe is taking from the Mommypotamus Blog, click here for additional versions of the recipe and more information. 



Ultimate Superfood Pregnancy Smoothie


The Perfect Pregnancy Smoothie


Best Green Smoothies While Pregnant


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipe


Prenatal Vitamins Recommendations:

Smarty Pants Gummy

Garden of Life

Rainbow Lite

New Chapter 


Recommended Iron Supplements:




Recommended Probiotic for Vaginal Health:

Jarrow Formula's Fem-Dophilus


Recommended Omega Supplements: 

Barlean's Omega Swirls

More Info About Supplements / Medications:

Check the Effects of Medications on Your Baby in Pregnancy


Supplements for women: Find out what you may need & why


Protect Your Baby’s Health Even Before Birth!


Pregnant? Please don’t forget your Omega-3s.


Protecting Your Baby’s Microbiome from the Start

Herbal Medicine
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