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After your baby is born, we have only 7 calendar days to complete the birth certificate worksheet. As soon as you have decided on your baby's full name, please email or text me the exact spelling so that I can complete the birth certificate worksheet and bring to your postpartum visit for you to sign electronically. The worksheet also includes the steps necessary to request a social security number and card for your baby. 


It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for Vital Records to process the birth certificate. During this time they will share information with the Social Security Administration and you will receive your baby's social security card in the mail for free with no additional steps needed. However, in order to receive a certified copy of your baby's birth certificate you must apply for it at your local vital records office or by mail. There is a fee for the certified copy. Here is the link to the Vital Records page with the fee schedule and instructions on how to apply: 


Apply for a Birth Certificate

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