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Malaura Ruizesparza

Apprentice Midwife

Malaura is a Northern California native who is excited to now call the desert her home. She is a Certified Birth and Fertility doula whose journey into birth work began with the birth of her son. After a disheartening first birth experience, she decided that she wanted to help change the narrative around birth and support others in having a positive and empowering experience. Having given birth both at home and in hospital, she has the personal and professional experience to knowledgeably support clients wherever they decide to give birth.


Malaura believes that her hands, knowledge, and empathy are the most important things she brings to a birth. She also strongly believes in consent and feels that being fully informed is essential to a positive birth experience. She works extensively with her clients to ensure they feel confident about the choices they make during their pregnancy and birth. Malaura is a big-hearted empath and natural caregiver, who feels grateful to be able to support and be in the presence of incredibly strong and capable individuals during such a transformative experience.


Malaura is currently working on completing her clinical experience and requirements for PEP through the North American Registry of Midwife to become a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife (CPM, LM).

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